Once upon a time...

Tired of urban over-planning, (more equipment, stuff n’gizmos, users sorting and space categorization, phoney dialogue with inhabitants, boasting experts, rules multiplication…)

Wondering why function stays always frontstage when form is first perceived by all and when decision makers include aesthetics, emotional, image parameters in their practice (if not clearly besotted with a seductive town planning “star”…)

Supporting “less planning” and sustainable planning, but willing to check conditions that may permit it…
We decided to go for a “urban planning fashion week” where spectators (us) would be cycling on the catwalk when star models (north Europe media most acclaimed projects) would be on the sides subjected to our frivolous eyes of urban planning fashion victims... and our five questions:

· Does-it work?
· Where is the magic?
· How long is it going to last?
· Who will we meet here (and what will we eat )?
· To duplicate, to dream of or to dump and forget?

Who are these guys???

They met in the late seventies on the bicycle ride to school.

Now they are both urban planners and still riding their bikes…

Pierre ROCA d’HUYTEZA, is head and owner of “d’une ville l’autre”, a consulting business in urban planning and public space design based in Toulouse (France). Town planner with OPQU qualification, winner of 2005 french young urban planners trophy, he is also an architect DPLG. He is the brain behind this trip, because “a town planner has to travel relentlessly”. He is indeed a “urban boulimic”…

Denis CARAIRE manages two social businesses in housing, urban studies and urban renewal based in Bordeaux and Agen (France). Town planner with OPQU qualification, specialist in urban renewal and social work, he is also pilot, musician and visual artist and a total cycle nut. He came on board this “urban fashion week” with his Brompton folder but is desperate to ride again his 3 fixie bikes which stayed home.
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